During my time of solitude I often asked myself, what's the role I'm gonna play in this world? I see so many chaotic things happening on television. I hear many unbelievable things everytime I listen to the news. Everywhere I look, and everytime I hear something, it seems that bad things and bad news dominate the headlines more than the good ones. I guess people are changing, and so is the world. Sometimes I feel numb and helpless already trying to figure out what's going on in our world today. There are so many unanswered questions in my head needing very specific answers. Questions like...why there are so many people hungry? Why so many people are homeless? Why so many people are dying senselessly due to war? Why do people die unexpectedly due to some kind of disease? Why there are so many crimes and violence happening every day? I wonder if other people out there are even paying attention to the big changes that our world is experiencing nowadays. I can honestly tell you that there's always a reason why things are happening in this world. I firmly believe that the worst of things are yet to come.