Money: The Root Of All Evil?

I've heard some people say that money is the root of all evil and many people tend to agree with that. I don't mean to dissapoint anyone but I don't believe that for a second. Money is not evil. It is the person using the money for illegal purpose or use money for bad things to take advantage of others that I consider evil. I believe that money and other material possessions are not gonna give us true happiness. It's true that lots of money and lots of material possessions could make so many people happy and contented. Do you think happiness from material things is gonna lasts a lifetime? My answer is an emphatic No! Happiness from material things is only superficial and won't lasts forever. People should ultimately realize that fact! Money and material possessions are meant to be shared to other people, especially to those who are poor, homeless, hungry, disabled and the infirmed. Just imagine yourself for a second to be in the company of those helpless people. How would you feel? How would you react? Most of us eat 3 times or even 4 times a day. Most of us live in big houses or even mansions. Most of us drive 1 or 2 fancy cars. But unfortunately those people don't! Most of them are just happy to eat once a day. Most of them are just happy to live on the streets. Most of them are happy even just to have 1 cent on their pockets. Most of them are just happy to walk around or crawl even without any directions. Can you feel their pain? Can you feel their sufferings? Or do you even care? The truth is, money is not for you and me to hoard and boast about! We may be rich and we may have all the money in this world today but if we die tonight we can't take all that money and material possessions with us for sure. I always believe in my heart that sharing is caring and caring is giving. Let's do ourselves a favor to always do good things to others. Let's all be nice and be kind to each other. Think of other people first before we think of ourselves. Our life here on earth is short and we might as well do what is right while we still have a time.