The Immigration Issues In The United States

I'm gonna blog about the immigration issues in the United States because this is also one sensitive issue that I feel passionate about and I can't help myself not to blog about it. You may or may not like my views towards it, but I want to tackle this never-ending issue once and for all just to get it off my chest. Why is the immigration issue very important to the United States? Well, first off, it's because of the security issue it poses in the US. Second, it's because of the immigration's economic impact in the US. Both of these issues, I believe, are really important that needs to be addressed and rightfully so. Obviously, you are considered a US citizen if you're born in the United States. But this claim is now also being challenged by some group of people and some entities in the US both in the private and public sector, and of course, the US government itself. Some people may or may not agree with that depending on their personal beliefs. Some people argue that being born in the US doesn't necessarily mean automatic granting of US citizenship to that person. They say that if people came to the US by illegal means their children should not be afforded US citizenship. My view on that is, some people are truly and deliberately doing the practice of giving births in the US solely for that purpose. Do I blame those people? I do if parents are consciously doing it on purpose but I don't blame those children brought about in this world in cases like that. For me, everyone has a right to live and children on situations like that need not be the subject of ridicule and untoward discrimination. Meanwhile, there are those people that wanted to be US citizens who came to the United States by legal means but now became illegals because their visas or immigration documents expires or is no longer valid. What's my views on those people? I believe that those people need to take care of their immigration documents to stay current with the US immigration laws and re-apply again. If they have to go back to their countries of origins to comply with the US immigration laws, then by no means just do it and follow the rules. After five years of being legal to the United States they can apply for US citizenship, as simple as that. How about those people who truly came to the US illegally? What's my views on those people? Well, let me be very clear on them and get it straight to the point. If you came to the United States illegally, what are you people complaining about? Why are you protesting on the streets? Remember, you people are in the US and you're using America's assets and resources. I certainly believe without a doubt that it is just fair and patriotic that you contribute and share in the load towards America's progress by being law-abiding people and work hard to get your immigration status the right way. My friendly advice is to get your lives together and follow the US immigration processes and rules just like everybody else! It couldn't be simplier than that! No violence, no shortcuts, no ifs and buts, no cheating, period. If you want to live and work in the US, then get in lines, make a sweat and just follow and comply with America's immigration rules and laws just like those people before you and stop bickering and stop complaining! In America you are free to hire an attorney if you can't do your immigration legal documents by yourself and you need someone to represent you in the court of law. I don't discriminate whatever your nationality is and I'm not an anti-immigrant or anything like that. In fact, I fight for people's rights and I always advocate for the equality of life and the equality of justice amongst people. It's an overwhelming truth that the United States immigration policies and laws need more polishing than ever as it also need a reform and overhaul in its system. Nevertheless, America gives opportunities and is a dream country and a friend to those who follow its sovereign laws. There is no denying that America became great because of the diversity of its people. Let's all join hands to make it a safe and a better place to live and work.