Taxes Tax Laws And The Tax Man

I want to blog about the topic of tax because I am feeling the calling to do it. Tax is a complicated subject matter that I believe has a lot of loopholes on it and it needs a total revision to be truly equal and fair to everybody. If you think about it, Certified Public Accountants (CPA) themselves sometimes could not keep up with the latest tax laws and regulations. If you're not an accountant, can you imagine all the hardships and confusions you'll gonna have figuring out all the minute details surrounding your taxes? Taxes is, undoubtedly, now a part of people's lives, and unfortunately, many people are getting victimized by it while others are taking advantage of it as well. I am not in any ways an anti-tax person or anything like that. I know that paying tax is a constitutional duty of every law abiding citizen in any country. What is hard for me to understand is (and I know a lot of people feel the same way) the fact that the tax laws are not written so well in a very clear, concise and transparent manner that even an ordinary citizen should be able to understand. Why make the tax laws so confusing to the people? Why do we need the services of an accountant in order to better understand these tax laws? Governments of different countries are collecting taxes from people, supposedly, in order to use this tax collected money for the benefits of the country and its people. I don't mean to disagree, but that's just not the case that's happening recently. How many times we read about it in the newspapers or hear about it on TV that the tax money collected by the governments from the people are just going nowhere and literally going down the drains! Just remember people are paying different levels and types of tax such as Income taxes, Payroll taxes, Sales and Excise taxes, Property taxes, Customs taxes, Estate and Gift taxes, Licenses and Occupational taxes and Alternative Minimum Taxes (these are just the lists of the major ones). Can you believe that some governments claim they have no money despite of all these taxations from the people? And to add insult to injury, some governments and some politicians do is to keep on raising the taxes when there's a shortage in the budget! I firmly believe that just by looking at raising the people's taxes alone to solve the budget deficit is the mentality of an incompetent and useless governments and politicians! These entities can do better than that and not think about just raising the people's taxes all the time! Why can't they think of something else? Do they even care about their citizens at all? I really wonder because they would still get their fat checks sitting on their behinds even without doing anything! Or is it because raising the taxes is the easiest thing to do which requires no brains? The poor and the middle-class are all hurting badly in this very tough economy. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. Why? People had enough of these tax burdens bestowed upon them mercilessly and without justifications. The majority of people demand for a tax reform and stoppage to all of the bureaucracies and red tapes in the governments! C'mon... it's time that people get a break!