Politicians Politicizing The Politics

A lot of things are going through my mind and I can't help but give in and follow my heart's desire to address this less overlooked but very important topic. As concerned citizens of any nations, we owe it to ourselves to make sure that our country's democracy is runned by the people, of the people and for the people. As citizens of our republic, we simply cannot let bad and incompetent politicians run our country. That's why we have elections so we can exercise our rights for freedom and democracy. I truly believe that a country is as good or as bad as their leaders on the eyes of other countries. We need to elect politicians who are proven leaders and not just smooth talkers. We should always keep in mind that most politicians, if not all, are great talkers. In fact, most of them would promise the people anything and everything just to get elected! They are highly-trained and accustomed to persuade people to select and vote for them during political rallies and electoral campaigns. Politicians are, more or less, judged by how they talk in public. That's why different political parties hold debates in their own party so they can choose the best candidate who can debate well in public and represent their party on election day. I certainly have no problem if a candidate speaks well and have a good command of their audience during political debates. But I definitely have issues with a political candidate who only knows how to talk well but lack the required experience on how to micro- and macro-manage the real problems of his or her constituents and of the society as a whole. We must elect politicians who are not biased to his or her own party. Politicians are supposed to be public servants and they should represent the voices of the people. They are not meant to be dictators nor killers nor thieves to their own country and its people. Politicians ought to be the ultimate role models that people can look up to in very difficult and troubled  times but I don't think that's happening in the world of politics today. I believe that most politicians nowadays are just concerned about their own fame, money and power! Most of them are highly motivated by these things why they run for office. Shame on these politicians! Greedy and irresponsible politicians are the main reasons that puts our world in so much trouble and disarray. As people, we should be very cautious of the leaders that we put in office. Electing the wrong politicians and wrong leaders to a country poses a grave threat and imminent danger to that country, and ultimately, to the world! As people, we must always guard the sanctity of the ballots and preserve the dignity of our votes during any political elections. We must not let the guns, the goons and the money dictate the results of our electoral process. As a society, let us not let the bad side of politics rule our nation and dominate our lives. As citizens, let us all remember not to let a few members of anti-people in our governments dictate our fate. Our chosen leaders must work for the people and not against its people. The politicians that we chose to put into office must be an asset to us and not a liability to our nation. Let us put back where the real power truly belongs...to us. As always, let us not forget to exercise our power as a people! Let the freedom and democracy reign!