A Reality Check

I just want you to assure the people reading this that it is not my intention to offend anyone by blogging on this topic but rather I want to challenge every single Christian out there to ponder why I decided to write about this very sensitive but very important subject matter. These are purely my observations and I hope you bear with me and respect my humble opinions on this subject. I want to directly hit on this very specific topic to show my deep concern about the state of the Christianity in the world today. Just like many people, I also at times struggle on this particular subject matter. I am human and I am not a perfect individual. I am a sinner and so are you. Nobody is perfect in this world; not the priest, not the pastor, not the rabbi, not the pope, not even the saints! It is only God Almighty who is the only perfect and sinless One in the whole universe. I'm sure many people around the world go to different churches and proudly call themselves Christians. I believe that many of the priests, pastors, rabbis, biblical scholars, theologians and their followers want to identify themselves as Christians--and that's great, nothing's wrong with that. Many devoted Christians pray at home and many go to church conscientiously because they want to thank God for every good things He's been showering them with, including their family, their job, their health, their friends, their business, their lives, their food, etc. A lot of Christians including the preachers themselves talk so good and act very kindly when they are at church. They put on their best attires, their best speeches, their best jewelries, their best smiles, their best singing voice, their best hugs and even their best handshakes at the church. The sad reality to this is that some people who call themselves Christians today are just putting on a show for others to see and they are only kidding themselves! Why? Because there are many people who go to church today and call themselves Christians who are still unable to resist the temptations around them and mostly begin to hit back to their old ways and old self as soon as they set their feet off the church's vicinity. They begin to think maliciously and act worldly again by saying negative things to others, bragging, swearing things to people, lying, gossiping, stealing, provoking heated arguments and conversations, invoking physical fights, humiliating people, judging others, feeling superior to others, being self-righteous, discriminating others, and the lists goes on and on but you get the point. In fact, not only Christians but people in general are also guilty doing some of these things. It is more especially sad and concerning that many "self-proclaimed" Christians are in the same predicament as that of the non-Christians. Am I mocking the Christians and the whole of Christianity? Am I being judgemental? Of course not, I never would! This is just the reality and I want you to open your eyes and be open-minded at the same time. I am just concerned about the wrong attitude and misrepresentation of many Christians in the Christian world about the word Christianity. Again, I sincerely believe that some people pretending to be Christians in private or in the presence of others are just wasting their time going to church and it's truly a shame because no matter how many times they go to church, and how hard they pray, God will probably not listen to them. Being a Christian is not just saying you're a Christian and yet you're still living an unchristian-like life! If you're a true Christian you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. There's no "half-bake" in God's kingdom. It's either you're good or you're bad. It's either you're with Him or you're not with Him, as simple as that! We all know that God knows everything that we say or do and we cannot fool Him. If you're a Christian I want you to ask yourself these questions today and answer them with all truth and honesty. Are you only a "shadow" believer of God? Are you just a "one-day" saint? Are you playing a "split-personality" when it comes to your relationship and belief in God? Are you just a "word-by-mouth" Christian? I certainly hope you're not! Maybe it's time that you look at yourself in the mirror right at this moment and do a thorough self-analysis of yourself when it comes to your faith and the kind of life you are living. When you die can you look God on His face and gaze through His eyes and tell Him you've been a great servant of His when you're still alive? Put simply, I am urging you as a Christian to be true to God and to yourself once and for all. No more pretensions. No more kidding yourself. It's time to get real. It's time for a reality check!